Appello al Bie di Parigi per l’emergenza graffiti di Milano

Vi segnaliamo la lettera inviata da Francesco Sacchetto, Presidente dell’Associazione Milano Muri Puliti, inviata al Bie  ( Bureau International Expo di Parigi) per l’emergenza graffitidi Milano.

Attendiamo una risposta.







Dear Sirs,

I am writing you to attract your attention to the city that is hosting 2015′s World Expo: Milan, Italy.

As many Milanese, I was delighted and proud of Milan’s winning the award to host the Expo, some years back.

I enthusiastically supported the city’s candidature and embraced the positive spirt the city managed to summon around the busy and challenging qualification process.

The city had strutted its stuff on that occasion and, significantly, did its best to beautify its public spaces and streets.
Massive graffiti removal operations had taken place on a city-wide scale, quite unprecedentedly.

Very sadly, some years away now, Milan has regained its appalling status of graffiti-ridden metropolis.
Most of the city walls, public transport, and far too many public spaces are marred by spray vandalism, making the cityscape depressing and filthy.

Why am I writing to you about this, you should be wondering by now.
The reason is that the incumbent Mayor, quite plainly, could not care less.

Despite residents’ public outrage, Mr. Giuliano Pisapia has done nothing to discourage spray vandalism and, astonishingly, has promoted “writing” through Commune-funded exhibitions.
Sadly enough, the “artists” confessed to having sprayed walls illegally, and still doing that.

No wonder a whole Europe-wide community of self-touted artists – really spray-vandals – have set their eyes on the city turning it into their playground.
The result is true nightmare for us. Seeing is believing (see a few sample images attached).

Sirs, I look to You as surveyors and defenders of our city lost pride.
I hope you can do something to put pressure on Mr. Pisapia to discontinue its writing-prone policies and take action against spray vandalism.

Best regards,
Francesco Sacchetto
Milano Muri Puliti, Chairman

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